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We have a rooster.  Well, we are 90% sure we have a rooster.  It all started a couple weeks ago, in the wee hours of the morning.  

We were awakened at around 4:30 by what sounded like a kid outside yelling, 'Hey mom'...only in a weird, raspy voice.  At first we didn't know what the heck was going on.  And then hit us...was that a chicken trying to crow??? No!  

A few mornings went by of hearing 'hey mom' outside our window.  Then when I was in the front yard last week, I heard a perfect 'cock-a-doodle-do'.   I ran back to the coop and try to figure out which chicken it is.  I couldn't tell which chicken it was because we have two chickens that we are in question of.  Our Buff Chantecler and our Russian Orloff.  

After reading all about sexing chickens, I now know that one of the differences between hens and roosters is their saddle feathers.  Hens have rounded saddle feathers at the end and roosters have pointed ones.   You'd think it would be rather easy to tell the difference but for some reason, it's not for us.  

But.....this morning, while feeding the ducks, I heard the rooster and snuck around to see if I could tell which chicken was making his sound.  Sure enough, there was 'Lucy' standing at the door of the coop, hollering away while the other chickens were still tucked safely inside the coop!  

I'm a bit saddened to now know that this cute little chick will not be providing us with fresh eggs.

Instead, that cute little chick now looks like this and runs around like a crazy rooster while I'm running around like a crazy farm girl trying to get HIM back in the coop at night! 

Now the BIG question every backyard chicken owner must ask I keep him?