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The Throwback Sweater

KnittingBetsy FarmerComment

The throwback sweater. What a fun knit. It was my first time using both the yarns, Spincyle’s Dreamstate and Magpie Fiber’s Domestic Worsted. Both are amazing!!


I feel like I still have so much to learn when knitting color work. My tension is not perfect, it’s either too loose or too tight and I know that practice will help. Any tips anyone wants to send my way, please do!


Now to block the front bands and give this to it’s owner…because guess what? I didn’t knit this for me! LOL! Natasha, from Woolvan Knits, won this giveaway kit and I offered to knit it for her. Purely selfish on my part because I so desperately wanted to knit it and when Andrea Mowry brought it to Knitcity to give to Natasha, I couldn’t help myself…out popped, “I’ll knit that for you if you want!’. So glad I did!! Hope Natasha loves it at much as I do! ;)


Something Gradient Comes This Way

KnittingBetsy FarmerComment

While going through photos this week, I realized I never shared my Something Gradient Comes This Way wrap with you.  


This fantastic wrap is knit with Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock yarn in colors 501's, Empty Night and Baby Got Black.  It takes 3 skeins, one of each color, and is such a relaxing knit. I started this one on a road trip with friends this summer and was one of those projects where you could visit and knit at the same time.  Best combo ever!