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Rose Gold Double Sided Necklaces are Available!

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Rose Gold Fill DOUBLE sided necklaces are finally available in my shop! Whahoo! Seriously, I've been waiting for these for years.  After offering double sided bar necklaces in both sterling and 14k gold fill, rose is now an option also!  The double sided necklaces need to be thicker metal, to allow for hand stamping on both sides.  Since hand stamped work is deeper than machine engraved, this extra thickness is needed so the personalization doesn't show through on the back.  

Hope you love these thicker, double sided rose gold fill bars as much as I do!


Family Necklace

Betsy FarmerComment

Sometimes, it just takes a little tweaking of a design to change it up into something new.  I've been offering 2 disc necklaces in my shop from the beginning but I love how this one turned out.  Simple and cute.  

The customer who ordered this one wanted double sided discs, one with her and her husband's initials and wedding date and one with her son's name and birthdate on the backside.  

Happy Thursday!