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Spring Jewelry

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Spring is here and with it comes the anticipation of gardening, warmer weather and longer days. Our Spring Break was a relaxing one, full of those three things…with some swimming, tennis, and movies thrown in.

After the kiddos went back to school, it was back to work for me and I wanted to share some of the fun things I’ve made this week.


This was one of my favorite double sided necklaces to make recently BREATHE. How appropriate sometimes, right?


Ain’t this one the truth? LOVE this dog tag!


Some special women are receiving the necklaces above. They give such a tremendous gift and I feel blessed to be able to make these for them.


New little bee stamp! Look for it in my shop soon!


Be seen. Be heard. Be unforgettable.

Family Necklace

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Sometimes, it just takes a little tweaking of a design to change it up into something new.  I've been offering 2 disc necklaces in my shop from the beginning but I love how this one turned out.  Simple and cute.  

The customer who ordered this one wanted double sided discs, one with her and her husband's initials and wedding date and one with her son's name and birthdate on the backside.  

Happy Thursday! 

Simple Gold and Silver Earrings

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I love simple things and made these earrings today to wear with some every day outfits.  Casual meets elegant....I guess. ;-)  

One of these days I'll find an awesome head mannequin or ear form or whatever you call it to display my earrings on.  In every description, I include the measurements of my earrings but there's always a couple customers per year who thought they'd be bigger.   Hmmmm...what's a girl to do? Take a photo of me wearing them! 

This is a new thing for me.  I really, really don't like modeling my items but today I went all crazy and did. Whoa!