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Heathrow Sweater

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Say hello to my newest sweater, the Heathrow Sweater by Olive Knits (aka, Marie Greene). 



When Marie asked me if I'd be interested in test knitting, my first thought was 'Wow! She wants me to test knit?' and my second thought was, 'Oh no!  She wants me to test knit!'.  So, I kindly thanked her and informed her that I was a newbie knitter still and asked if she thought it was something I could do.  Marie said definitely, sent me the information, and the rest is history.


Heathrow is the perfect fit to my growing handmade wardrobe, which is growing at a pace I never expected would happen just a short year ago. The yarn totally spoke to me when I saw that it was from Ireland since my husband and I were just there a year ago.  Driving by thousands and thousands of sheep, I wish I would have been a knitter back then.  The appreciation I have for these amazing animals is so much greater I see another Irish vacation added to the list again?  I think so.  Anyways, back to Heathrow and yarn.


The Fibre Co. sent my yarn out the next day and a little happy dance may have happened when it arrived in my mailbox.  I chose the colorway Glenveagh Castle in their newest base, Arranmore Light.  The blend is 80% merino wool, 10% cashmere, and 10% silk...pure perfection.  


Heathrow was truly a joy to knit...after I started the 2nd time.  Yes, the 2nd time.  I knit to the first sleeve opening and realized that I had cast on 20 more stitches than I should have.  Thankfully, I'm a very patient person (har har) and I started over with the correct stitch count.  From that point until the end of the body, it was smooth sailing.  There was a slight learning experience with picking up the side stitches for ribbing but after some private messages back and forth, it all came together in this perfect, fall accessory I'll treasure for such a long time.


Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!