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The Wood Block

Farmer LifeBetsy FarmerComment

Most have noticed or seen the wood block that I use in so many of my jewelry photos.  Ever wondered why?  I'll tell you. 


Today would have been my dad's 60th birthday.  He passed away just a couple weeks before his 43rd birthday and the wood block you see in my photos belonged to him.

When I first started my business, my brother gave me this wood box with a number stamp set in it.  He said it was our dads, who used it to stamp numbers on engine parts.  This old, greasy, wood box full of number stamps was something I would treasure forever and knew I wanted to incorporate it in my work. 


So, from that day on, I started taking photos of my hand stamped jewelry on the lid of the box.  I've had customers ask me where I got it and one even put in their order notes "please include the wood box with my order".  Oh boy.  

Every day, that little wood box sits by me as I work and in a way, my dad sits with me every day too.  Knowing he used metal stamps years before I even knew what one was brings me a sense of peace and more love for what I do every day.  I get to create pieces of jewelry that bring a smile, tear, or memory to someone's face.   

For those who knew my dad, he was one of he hardest workers out there.  He was also a goof ball to those who knew him best.  And for those who know me best, I tend to carry on that goof ball trait quite well...and strive to be as hard working too.  

So, today, in all the craziness of the Holiday rush orders,  I'm taking a moment to say 'Happy 60th Birthday Dad.   Miss you and love you!  Know that you're always here by my side, in a old wood block.