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Not one...but two

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Remember that rooster we had?  Well, I don't think I told you that we put him in the 'Rooster Re-homing Program' (aka, RRP) down at the feed store a couple weeks ago.  It's really a great place for roos.  They have a nice little pen for them, water, food, and other roosters.  You say your good-byes and part ways, with the nice little vision in your head that someone is going to snatch your beautiful rooster up and take him home to love and cherish for many, many years.  I'm sure that's what happened. 

The day after 'Lucy' was put in the RRP, we heard it again.  

"Hear what?", you ask?  The 'cock-a-doodle-doo'!!  We couldn't believe it.  

But, what to our wondering eyes should appear?  Another our despair.  

We caught our Russian Orloff, Elsa Putin, making way too much noise, biting the backs of our hens (ah hum...I won't go into any more detail, but I'm sure you get the picture), and basically getting quite 'cocky' with me during their evening free time.  So much that I had a rake with me, just in case.  This was not the vision of chicken ownership that I had envisioned. 

After a couple weeks of this nonsense, we realized he needed to join our lovely Lucy and go into the RRP.  Here's where it gets good.  

Catching roosters can be a bit tricky.  We learned this the hard way while catching Lucy.  Well, not this time. This time we had gloves, we had meal worms, we had chicken wire traps, and we had our neighbor, Bob.  

The run was opened, the birds emerged.  Let me tell you a little secret about chickens. They're dumb.  Dumber than dumb actually...but they're extremely smart when they sense they're going to be someone's fried chicken.  

So, here are the husbands, chasing the rooster with a wire cage and my neighbor and I just laughing and laughing at our husbands..  Then, my 8 year old yells, "I've never seen grownups run so fast!"

Ahhhh...what comes out of the mouth of babes.  

They finally caught Elsa and off to the feed store they went.  Either our days of early morning wakeup calls are over...or we have a 3rd rooster just waiting to be the alpha bird and we'll hear him tomorrow.  

The guys were gone for a while, but when they came back, they had bought our domestic duck a boyfriend!  Such thoughtful guys.  

So without further ado, meet Chuck.  Chuck the duck.  

Chuck had never been in more than a kiddie pool before. He was a little hesitant joining Puddles at first but then once he figured out the water thing, he was having a great time!  

Our neighbors want to leash train them to eat slugs....oh how I would love that to happen!  

Happy Sunday,