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First Day of School

Betsy Farmer2 Comments

This was it.  The day that I was half dreading and half excited for.  The day both boys are in school, all day, on their own.  Scary and exciting...for them and for mom.  They did great.  

My youngest started kindergarten today.  He's been going with me for the past two years to pick up big brother. He knew who his teacher was, since big brother had her for kinder also, and was ready to take that next step.  The next step of 3 recesses a day and lunch at school.  Big brother was there to meet him at recess each time and show him the way.  I know without him there, it would have been much harder for me.  Big brothers are the BEST!

Did I cry this time?  Nope.  I thought I would have but he was ready.  Ready to leave the nest and grow.  I think it would have been a lot harder if he would have been nervous, or scared, or not have known the school or teachers.  But for this little big guy, he was happy.  And a happy 5 year old makes for a happy mom.   Here's to new beginnings and adventures!  Oh, and Go Hawks!