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Vacation Week

Betsy Farmer1 Comment

 My husband was on vacation last week, which means I was too.  Being self employed usually means I don't really take a vacation, unless I actually leave the town...but I do try to limit the amount of time I'm working on orders.   Orders get pushed back a few days and my shop slows down during these very important family times.  We took a couple mid-week days and headed north to visit my husbands cousin and their family. Here's a little peak at what we did up there.

We road go carts. 

We helped clydesdales get ready for the fair by riding in their wagon while they did tricks.  It was awesome...except for the fact that my oldest fell off the wagon.  Long story.  Maybe I'll save that for another post. 

Can I have her?  Him?  Doesn't matter.  Can I have it? 


We went to the ice cream shop, the park and the little creek behind the park.  The kids played together so well and we're so lucky to have amazing cousins!  Thanks for the good times guys!