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Welcome to my new site!

Betsy FarmerComment

I'm trying to launch a new website/blog this summer.   This is my first post.  

Summers are more laid back in my shop.  Every year I have big plans for my "downtime".  

Organize my studio, organize my listings, organize the hall closet, list all my 'as-is' items, make jam, fly a get the idea.  Oh, and you know, play with my kids and be a better mom.  

Yet, every summer seems to fly by and my list is only partly complete.  I guess that's the way life is right?  

And my life is full.  Very full.  My husband and 2 little boys make my life fuller than I ever thought it could be.  Add in a couple new ducklings, 6 chickens, a whippet and a million frogs and slugs, and that pretty much completes things around here.  Oh, and a snake or two.  I try not to think about the snakes.