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Word of the Year Bangle

Betsy FarmerComment

New Years is the time for renewal, resolutions, and resetting ourselves.  At least for me it is.  

I try to take a little mental break after the rush of the holidays.  I slow my work down for a couple weeks and read a good book.  Last night I finished Kristin Hannah's Nightingale and loved it.  Staying up until 1 am...I didn't love so much.  But, like all good reads into the middle of the night, it was worth it.  

Along with those things for the new years, it's also a great time to set new goals. Whether they are work out goals, nutrition goals, mothering goals...they are all things that help us better ourselves.  Or, at least we hope so, right? 

Every year, I get customers who are ordering 'word of the year' jewelry.  Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are ordered with one special word on them. Words that mean something to them, words that are their goals for the year.  Here is a sterling silver bangle bracelet I finished up last week and I think the word is a great reminder.   What is your word of the year?